Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse is a framework for helping in Software Product Line adoption. This framework takes advantage of existing software variants in order to help in different tasks such as feature identification, location, constraints discovery or feature model synthesis. Several examples have been developed during its evaluation. We put these examples and tutorials publicly available for reproducibility of the case studies developed in our research activity and to attract researchers and practitioners to our framework.

Location of the material



Description of the material

Tutorials (introductory, intermediate and advanced) that guide in a bottom-up process of Software Product Line adoption dealing with different kinds of software artefacts such as emf models, graphs or images. The variant examples of these tutorials are provided including other examples without tutorial.

Description of the course

Autodidacticism by following the tutorials and playing with the examples.

Easy to include in a Product Line curriculum to show, in a practical way, the existing tooling and techniques for bottom-up product line adoption.