Teaching Projects and Research Objectives in SPL Extraction

Instructors: Tewfik Ziadi and Jabier Martinez

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More details can be found here This year at SPLC we present a teaching and research project where a group of master students analysed a variability-rich domain and extracted an SPL (The Robocode SPL). We present the results of such extraction augmented with an analysis and a quantification regarding the time and effort spent. The research objective was to get and share data about an end-to-end SPL extraction which is usually unavailable in industrial cases because of their large size, complexity, and duration. We provide all the material to replicate, reproduce or extend the case study so it can be easily reused for teaching by anyone in our community. However, we were asking ourselves how can we leverage such case study for teaching to pursue research objectives. In this position paper, we aim to outline our initial ideas that we want to enrich with the others’ viewpoints during SPLTea. Towards planning the settings of future teaching projects around this Robocode SPL case study, which can be the timely research objectives that we can identify? Can we involve others in planning this project in their institutions to get further relevant results?