Product line engineering (KV PLE) course at JKU Linz (2016)

Instructor: Rick Rabiser and Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon)

Audience: Software Engineering Master’s Students

2 hours a week for one semester (=ca. 14 units)

Location of the material

JKU 2016 directory

Description of the material

Slides and teaching materials for a product line engineering course held by Rick Rabiser and Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon in the summer semester 2016 at JKU Linz

Description of the course

KV Product Line Engineering is an elective course in the Software Engineering Master’s programme at JKU. The lecture focuses on software product lines, an approach to support strategically planned, large-scale reuse in software engineering.

The following topics are addressed in the lecture:

-Software product lines vs. single system development -Variability management and modeling (feature modeling, decision modeling) -Software product line tools -Support for product derivation and configuration -Scoping of product lines and business aspects -Evolution of product lines -Product line testing -Case studies

For the combined lecture 3 group exercises have to be completed which facilitate a better understanding of variability management and software product line engineering. Furthermore, invited speakers from industry and academia provide insights on the usefulness of Product Line Engineering.