Teaching Software Product Lines as a Paradigm to Engineers: An Experience Report in Education Programs and Seminars for Senior Engineers in Japan

Instructor: Tsuneo Nakanishi

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Japan 2018 directory

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A set of slides used for training

Course content is translated into English. The material is originally written in Japanese.

Description of the course

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The paper reports authors’ experience in teaching software product lines (SPL) for senior engineers in the company. An effective way for education in the experience is to teach SPL as a paradigm consisting of some key ideas and show how we can introduce the paradigm into the development process. The authors have used PLUS as a reference of such development process. Feature modeling is taught not only as a means of variability modeling but also as a means to facilitate construction of abstraction hierarchy and separation of concerns. Giving anti-patterns of feature modeling and countermeasures to them helps engineers discuss construction of better feature models.