University of Rennes 1 in 2015 for MSc students (research oriented)

Instructors: Mathieu Acher and Jean-Marc Jézéquel

Location of the material

Rennes 2015 MRI directory

Description of the material

A set of slides used for courses.

No lab sessions but some instructions for quizz and JHipster homework (including open problems) are available. Content is in English.

Description of the course

The course starts with a gentle introduction of model-driven engineering. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are then described (defintions, taxonomy, implementation techniques, etc.). A focus is made on external DSLs with Xtext. Techniques for metamodeling and model transformation with Xtend/Xtext are presented. As a running example we used a configurable video generator.

The last part of the course is entirely devoted to variability (modeling, reverse engineering, testing, etc.). Finally a homework with Jhipster is proposed (students defend their work while a summary is made in the last course).