Nine years of courses on software product lines at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

Instructors: Jaime Chavarriaga, Rubby Casallas, Carlos Parra, Martha Cecilia Henao-Mejía, Carlos Ricardo Calle-Archila

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More details can be found here Software Product Lines has been taught in Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, since 2011. The content, activities and evaluation in these courses have changed during this period of time. For instance, while topics such as the processes to engineer product lines, feature models to specify domain variability, and design patterns to implement the variability are common to all these courses, other topics such as the product line maturity levels, some techniques to implement variability and recent automation practices for testing, continuous integration and delivery have varied with the time. In addition, topics and activities, such as the course project that has been present in all the courses, had also been modified. This paper (1) describes the evolution of our courses on Software Product Lines, presenting commonalities and variabilities in their topics, activities and evaluation techniques and (2) discusses some lessons learned during its recent design as a Blended Learning course.